Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Add, Glam, Glow & Gorgeous Seasonal Sparkle to your Home this Winter

October 29, 2021

Celebrate the change of the seasons and languish in the glow, glamour and gorgeous seasonal spirit that chimes at this time of year during the winter holidays.

The onset of shorter days and darker weather beckons. But it’s not all bad. Meet the dark head on and make your home a safe sparkling, welcoming place you can look forward to this winter. You just need the right festive outdoor lighting choices. 

Practicalities of Outdoor Lighting

There are a few things you’ll need to have in mind before choosing any outdoor illumination for your home.

Like all lighting, you need to ask key questions before installation:

  • Is it task lighting, a safety and security issue, ambient lighting or decorative seasonal lighting that you need?
  • Where will the power source be? Will your outdoor lamps be powered by an outdoor mains or an extension from indoors? You will need an electrician to ensure the power supply is secured if it isn’t battery operated.
  • If it is battery operated - can you use solar powered outdoor cells to make it a more sustainable option?

Seasonal, Decorative Lighting Options


Need some simple ways to add sparkle and Christmas spirit to your front of house? Check out these options:

Christmassy Stake Lights

Candy Cane or any other festive themed Stake Lights are a great flexible decoration and can accommodate any size garden as you can add as many or as few as you want.

  • You can buy them in sets of 4.
  • These can be mains operated and should come with a cable length of 5m or more.
  • Ideal for both indoor & outdoor use.

LED Lights for that Sparkly Effect

LED Lights are a great flexible option for decorative outdoor sparkle. You can drape it across any structure high or low for that faux snowy effect.

The following features make this an excellent choice

  • These come in a variety of sizes and lengths
  • Colours can range from White, Multi Colored or Warm Yellow options
  • Aim for options with a timer that ensures they go off when everyone’s in bed or when the sun comes up. Our ranges use a push button timer: example 6 hrs ON / 18 hrs OFF.
  • They tend to be more long-lasting and energy efficient - some ranges boast up to 30 days battery life.
  • These are suitable for both outdoor & indoor use.
  • You can also create different effects ranging from its multi-action / static function settings

Ambient Light Options

For a more discrete and homely range of ambient lighting especially in smaller spaces consider the Christmas LED Flicker Lantern or similar battery operated ornamental lanterns.

This is a simple way to add a touch of atmosphere and a vintage feel to your property for a traditional Christmassy vibe.

A Christmas LED Flicker Lantern is usually battery operated and should simply take about 3 AAA batteries to give you a comforting LED light that is warm and yellow. You’ll want a classic black design lantern to give it a tasteful vintage look. 

Get Into Light Sculpture!

Are you the kind of person that loves topiary in your garden? Then you’ll definitely enjoy the more sculptural light installations. These can be ideal for larger lawns and more expansive gardens as a lighting feature this Christmas.

These can be very tasteful too, as in the case of our Dewdrop Standing Reindeer, that comes in a warmer yellow twinkly light which is mains operated using a cable Length of 10m. You can also use these Indoor & Outdoors so don’t be afraid of lighting up that big hallway as a welcoming entrance too!

A perfect way to also welcome guests at the front door or front gate. Use it to break up a long driveway

Get Animated Light Figures!

Have a sense of humour and little kids to entertain? Why not go for the kitschy Blow Mould Snowman. This 68cm Waving Snowman Light Christmas decoration will definitely set the tongues wagging and make your home stand out! 

  • This is also suitable for indoor & outdoor use so a perfect addition to any big Christmas party decor!
  • It is mains operated and boasts a cable length of 10m meaning you could get it just about anywhere on the premises of an average home

LED Light projections for WOW factor!

Go all the way with a full blown light projection to create an immersive experience!  For example, Give your home that stand-out Christmas look with our Falling Snow Christmas Projector LED to create a winter wonderland in your front garden just for fun.

There are many projection designs you could get into overtime. It’s all in the filter once you have the main projector up and running -  so look into flexible options for year-round use.

  • The projector should come with a remote control as well as an adapter with a timer , giving you the flexibility to entertain at the right time!
  • This is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - so think party time and home disco too!

Outdoor Tree Lights

If you have some large shrubbery, ornamental trees or an outdoor Christmas Tree this is for you. Outdoor tree lights would be worth investing in, especially if you have a large garden that can look dark and bare if you don’t take time to light up the planting too.

Look for the following:

  • Lighting installations specially designed for use on Christmas Trees.
  • These should come with a decent length cable with a minimum of 5M Cable giving you at least  25M of Lights. These can be Ideal for a 7ft or 8ft  tree depending on the model.
  • Aim for models with a Multi-action setting including static function.

Task Lighting Options

Apart from the usual decorative and ambient lighting, you may also want specific task lighting to light up areas closer to your garage , BBQ area or garden shed and greenhouses.

This is worth considering if you also have a lot of outdoor parties in your garden during the season or even in the coming summer. The catering and preparation of outdoors events will require decent task lighting in key areas.

Task lighting will also be handy if you’re about to install decorative elements or do some outdoor DIY during the winter.

The Faithfull 20W LED Task Light is ideal as a fixture.

  • It provides you with a 2000 Lumens output and power take off point.
  • It’s safe as it's cool to the touch and is housed in an impact resistant case for mounting or moving around .
  • The lens has a highly reflective mirror back for a higher more efficient lighting
  • It also gives you the flexibility of 3m long cable (built in storage).

A portable work lamp is another alternative that doesn’t require wiring. It can be used hands free using a built in adjustable stand in most cases. These are usually lightweight and easy to use - mostly powered by Duracell batteries for long lasting light .

If you need something smaller and portable you can carry around this winter to help you do some jobs outside then consider getting a handy Rechargeable Torch. Get a torch that is both powerful and lightweight at the same time. Make sure it has a battery that gives you long life for you to use it at greater distance and brightness.

You can get rechargeable versions saving you on buying batteries.  Our Ultralight Rechargeable Torch for example, has a 5-Watt Led rechargeable torch with a Lithium Ion Battery. Once charged it gives 9 hours of continuous light. Choose one that can give you 2 or more light settings - High And full beam is ideal depending on the context.


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